General Terms and Conditions

update : 23.4.2020

Bicycle service intermediary (further

ID: B16565186 : ES B16565186
Trasimé 7, Playa de Palma, 07600, Spain

Sales intermediary :, s.r.o.
ID: 26365570 : CZ26365570
Puškinova 14, 301 00 Pilsen, Czech Republic

Accommodation intermediary :

Framotel S.A. Hotel Rei del Mediterrani
ID: A07126766 : ES A07126766
Goleta 7, 07610 Playa de Palma, Mallorca, Spain

1. services

1.1. NaCesty provides rental, storage and bike service in Mallorca and provides transport services to its clients.

1.2. Rental prices are governed by the valid price list on the seller’s website.

1.3. If you rent a 6 days or more, you will be asked to pay 10€ per bicycle damage insurance / the entire rental period.

1.4. Bicycle equipment: The Bike is equipped with: computer, pump, spare innertube. You have to use your own pedals and helmet. Fitness bikes are equipped with classic pedals.

1.7. The bike must be returned clean, undamaged and on time by 5 p.m. Later return is possible only if you agreed it in advance with the mechanic. In case of an undisclosed later return, the deposit is forfeited.

1.8. The rental price also includes bike parking in the cycling center.


2. Payment Terms

2.1. Payment for renting a bicycle is made in cash in EUR on the spot.

2.2. Payment for accommodation is governed by the conditions of the accommodation provider. Payment is proceeded after arrival to the hotel at the reception.

2.3. Payment of service package is proceeded by the booking and is governed by the conditions of the sales intermediary.


3. Changes and cancellations

3.1. Changes to the bike rental reservation are possible. For each individual change resulting in fewer days of rental or a cheaper model, 10€ per rental is charged. There is no charge for increasing the number of days of rental or renting a more expensive model.

3.2. Rental cancellation policy:

3.2.1. 3 or more days before departure 10€ per rental

3.2.2. 2 or fewer days before departure 35€ per rental

3.3. Changes and cancellations in accommodation are proceeded by Accommodation intermediary.

3.3.1. For each individual change maintaining the same number of passengers or reducing the number of passengers, 10€ per person is charged. There is no charge for increasing the number of passengers or days.

3.3.2. cancelation 60 or more days before departure 10€ per person

3.3.3. cancelation 59 days or less before departure 35€ per person

3.4. Change and cancellation fees are charged in advance through the sales intermediary.


4. Discounts

4.1. Groups

4.1.1. Bike rental – every 11th rental in the group and at the same time is FREE of charge

4.1.2. Service package – every 11th person in the group comming at the same time including flights is FREE of charge

4.2. Kids

4.2.1. Children 0-1,99 years old have accommodation and service package FREE of charge while they are accompanied at least with 2 adults

4.2.2. Children 2-12,99 years old have accommodation with 50% discount while they are accompanied by at least 2 adults, calculated from prices in double bed.


5. Bicycle insurance

5.1. Bicycle insurance: the bike is insured against any damage in the event of an accident. Insurance does not include bike theft, loss of bike and tire defects.


6. Processing of personal data

6.1. All intermediaries are authorised to manage the Client’s personal data in the extent of name, surname, sex, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone connection for the purpose of fulfilling the mediation contract. NaCesty is further authorised to manage the data of persons for whose benefit the contract was concluded to the extent of name, surname, sex and date of birth for the purpose of fulfilling the mediation contract.

6.2. By concluding a mediation contract, the customer also agrees to receive commercial communications pursuant to Act No. 480/2004 Coll., On certain information society services, to its electronic contact address.

6.3. The customer has the right to withdraw the consent to receive commercial communications by sending an application to the e-mail address