Awesome Mallorca

Whether you’re a serious cyclist preparing for the upcoming season, keen on riding the same routes with the Tour de France teams, or a hobby rider eager to discover new training grounds to keep riding fun, or you’re someone deciding between cycling and golf – no matter your focus. come indulge a stay with us on this beautiful Balearic island in a luxury hotel at a very affordable price, with all the service to make you feel like royalty. Mallorca offers amazing opportunities for smart training to build your cycling fitness up to a solid level so that you can start your race season with a wow.

This amazing island of the Balearics is set in the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and has everything for cycling enthusiasts due to the long tradition of cycling on the island. Fantastic weather with countless hours of sunshine, beautiful landscape, low-traffic roads, very considerate drivers to cyclist and endless descents.  That is why the island has been enjoying a growing number of professional teams for many years, You can see bikers on the road all year long but the main cycling season here starts in February and lasts until early May. Warm winters with an average temperature of 15 to 25 ° C are the ideal climate for outdoor activities. It is no wonder that for the winter preparation, the island will be filled with professional cyclists of racing teams, which are usually replaced in March by recreational cyclists to enjoy the great infrastructure and cycling facilities. Autumn is then an excellent combination for bicycle lovers and those one who want to relax on divine Mallorcan beaches.

Apart from beautiful ride the region benefits from an easy access to some of the most attractive locations in Mallorca such as downtown of city center Palma de Mallorca or Alcudia on the north of island, famous Valldemosa mountain village or Soller. Or you can just chill out on the beach which is only a few minutes leisure walk away.  The restaurants feature some delicious Mediterranean fare – fish and seafood, meat, fruit and amazing dessertsand and Spa&Wellness Centre invites to relieve the body after training during a massage, indulge in a sauna or turkish hammam, or just to relax on a deck chair at the laguna.

If you are looking for a trip where you can safely and beautifully ride a bike, where it is great all year round, then you have chosen the right one.

Hope we´ve inspired you to check out this great little island.